5 Best Practices For Your Consumer Rebate Program

Consumer rebates make for great incentive campaigns and will definitely help a manufacturer get their product sold but the buck should never stop at the sale.   What manufacturers often neglect is the rebate fulfillment process. This crucial touch point is often the last experience a consumer will have with your brand, and is instrumental to

360Incentives Android App Available Now

Android users, you can now, as a contractor or sales associate of one of our clients, you can download this app to your Android device and, in real time, check your claim status, change your account  settings,  and if your incentive is being paid to a pre-loaded card you can check the balance of that card right from

Todd Introduces Day Of Hope And Leadership

Our VP of Client Happiness, Todd Skinner (@todd_skinner) is going to be out of the office tomorrow to present at the 5th Annual Day of Hope and Leadership (www.dayofhopeandleadership.com) In this video Todd explains why he contributes so much of his time and energy to this event as he also opines on the importance of