5 Best Practices For Your Consumer Rebate Program

Consumer rebates make for great incentive campaigns and will definitely help a manufacturer get their product sold but the buck should never stop at the sale.   What manufacturers often neglect is the rebate fulfillment process. This crucial touch point is often the last experience a consumer will have with your brand, and is instrumental to

4 Simple Steps To Reduce Spiff And Rebate Fraud

By: Chris Davies How do you reduce fraudulent incentive claims within your organization?  Most companies have an audit protocol in place so let’s ask this question: on what percentage of your spiff and/or rebate claims do you detect fraud? The generally accepted number we have found is that most companies figure on around 2-3% fraud

Using Sales Spiff Programs To Tip The Scale

All too often, channel marketing initiatives are overly focused on rewarding the VAR and not the front-line sales reps who are actually selling the product.  Why is this a problem? Think about it: unlike your direct sales team who have a contractual obligation to sell on your behalf and yours alone, your reseller reps (including