When Your Sales Incentives Program Backfires

By: Jason King One great thing about sales incentives programs, especially rebate offers, is the near-immediate feedback you receive in the way of sales lift. “Is my program effective?” is a question that can usually be answered in simple terms of measuring the sales lift of the product being promoted. Arguably, this sales lift truly is

Incentive Auditor’s Promotion Checklist

By: Jason Atkins  Upon reading Kevin Martin’s article, 7 Ways To Cut Incentive Fraud yesterday, I was reminded of a handy checklist we created for a talk I gave to some Deloitte auditors a few months ago. It’s called the Auditor’s Promotion Checklist.   Internally, we refer to it as the line auditor’s cheat sheat, and it’s

The New Upside Of Modernized Rebate Programs

By: Jason King Here’s a cool thing about right now in time: if you are in marketing, whether it be to channel partners or all the way to consumers, there is no longer any excuse for not knowing who your customer is. We Finally Agree That The Internet Isn’t Going Away, Right? The ubiquity of Internet