The 4 W’s Of Sales Spiff Program Management

Sales operations folks have always been in a really numbers-driven position in the business world. They are on the hook to project numbers, accountable to deliver numbers and responsible to measure the results and then start all over again. The challenge for so many of these folks when it comes to their sales incentives spend,

3 Ways to Combat “Showrooming”

By: Travis Dutka Technology is drastically changing the way consumers buy your products – why not let it change the way you sell your product through every aspect of your marketing/ distribution channels as well?Showrooming is relatively recent phenomenon that is sweeping the retail world and creating quite a stir as it highlights the growing chasm for

2013 Best Workplaces in Canada (50 – 999 employees)

Great Place to Work® Institute Canada is pleased to present the 2013 list of “Best Workplaces in Canada – Medium”. The list was published as a Special National Report in The Globe and Mail on April 10, 2013. This year’s list recognizes 50 Best Medium Workplaces in Canada with 50-999 employees working in Canada.  READ MORE….

Are Prepaid Cards Effective In Sales and Customer Loyalty Programs?

  Prepaid Cards are quickly outpacing traditional employee and consumer recognition programs.  A “report completed by the Incentive Research Foundation” report completed by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), notes that prepaid cards are now “the most frequently used reward in corporate incentive programs”. What explains this shift? The IRF Report provides us with some insight