Your Loyalty Programs Are Working: Now What?

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?   Whether you work in consumer or channel marketing what feels better than having a campaign reach or exceed its goals?  When you think about all the energy that goes into planning a campaign – all the communication, engaging of partners, creation and distribution of collateral

Arianna Huffington’s Leadership Lessons at #INBOUND13

By: Jason King Wednesday’s opening keynote at the #INBOUND13 conference was a captivating and soundbite-rich talk from self-proclaimed sleep evangelist and Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington.  Her speech, From Politics To The Boardroom: Fearless Leadership, was honest, generous and timely. Ms. Huffington released a torrent of important, empowering ideas and, like a true communicator, made a

Seth Godin’s Message To Marketers at #INBOUND13

In my life outside of my job at 360, one of the things I am is a musician.   Not a rich, famous musician, but someone who has enjoyed playing music by myself, with others, or for others for many, many years now. As a musician, I tend to experience concerts differently.   For example,

How To Prevent Consumer Complaints With Your Rebates

CNBC has published this list of the top 10 consumer complaints from 2012, compiled by the Consumer Federation of America and troubles with rebates land right in the middle at number 5 on the list. Our CEO, Jason Atkins presented a keynote last week at the Incentive Marketing Association‘s executive summit on technology, the thrust