Rethinking ROI on Promotional Spend

The question of Return on Investment (ROI) on incentive programs has always been prevalent among CMO’s and channel marketing managers. Obviously, the greater the monetary return – the better the program, but the question is usually one of how to best measure the true return on promotional spend. In today’s business world, measuring solely for financial

co-op advertising in highly regulated industries

Co-op Advertising in Highly Regulated Industries

Co-op Advertising in Highly Regulated Industries Managing co-op advertising with all its forms, rules and processes can be challenging for any business. This is even harder when a company participates in a highly regulated industry. Today, we offer some advice on how to effectively manage co-op advertising in a highly regulated industry. Even if you’re

How Does Your Sales Channel Want to be Rewarded?

For years, brands have thanked and incentivized their channels with branded merchandise and travel rewards. Although beneficial to some participants, others might not be so keen on these types of incentives, thus affecting their motivation to sell – damaging your ROI. Each channel is different, and the people selling your product have preferences on their payout,

channel loyalty

Channel Loyalty Program Disconnect

Channel Loyalty Program Disconnect Brands and channel partners often see channel loyalty different making it hard to create successful programs to address it. This disconnect starts with how each party defines loyalty and sees the purpose of channel loyalty programs. This article explores the disconnect. What is channel loyalty? Neither Webster or Wikipedia have a

360insights wins Great Place To Work Canada

Second place win makes 360insights one of Canada’s top 4 places to work for 5 years running.

WHITBY, ON. (April 27, 2017) – On the heels of last month’s recognition as Canada’s number eight greatest place to work for women by the Great Place To Work Institute, 360insights was last night awarded the second best overall place to work in Canada for medium-sized employers at the Institute’s annual awards gala making the

360insights corporate web site

360insights reveals new corporate web site with enhanced buyer’s journey and updated business metrics

Company’s new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience and reveal advanced business metrics, allowing customers to access detailed product information and share industry-leading information across all major social networking sites. WHITBY, ON. (May 10, 2017) – The early hours of this morning saw the unveiling of an upgraded version of 360insights’

Do You Still Manage Rebates For Breakage?

Incentive breakage has been a favourable tactic used for years by organizations that attempt to remain within budget. As time progresses however, and with a large influx of customer complaints, terrible reviews, and loss of brand trust, budgeting for breakage in a rebate program has become outdated, useless, and a publicly discrediting relic of the

Dr. Bill Howatt

Steal These Ideas Re: Workplace Mental Wellness

This is going to be one of those standard-issue “What I Learned From…” type of articles and the reason for that is this: it has never been more important for organizations who want to thrive to take great care of their employees. What used to be intuitive for many HR professionals or high EQ types

Who’s Haunting R A Sennett Public School?

When you think of a haunted building, you may conjure images of a Victorian manor on a high hill, overlooking the rest of its neighbourhood like some watchful protector. You may think of an abandoned prison or hospital; a place where thousands of souls have passed through, shaped and molded by the wicked authority that