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The New 360 Culture Book Is Here

Working on the annual 360 Culture Book is one of my favorite things. It just pushes a bunch of the right buttons for me: mass collaboration, obligatory reflection on what we’ve accomplished – good, bad or otherwise – and a heaping helping of fun. When people ask what the Culture Book is, it’s kind of

Have You Made The Switch To Digital With Your Incentive Program?

The transition from traditional paper based incentives to digital incentives has become more prevalent through the recent years. In fact, in an industry study, over 65 percent of respondents (taken from the appliance vertical) in 2016, switched to online submission. Digital channel management tools gather data in digital formats, enabling brands to manage information, and

Unlock Sales Channel Success With Education.

In an industry study, over 85% of sales associates believed that during the sales process they could move a consumer “very easily” from one brand, to another. It was reported that if a sales associate felt more comfortable delivering a value proposition on Brand A, then Brand A would outsell Brand B every time. In

Build Brand Advocates With A Rebate Program

Several years ago, the process of redeeming a rebate was lengthy and cumbersome for consumers. It was considered “best practice” to make a rebate difficult to attain by creating challenges and barriers. There was, in fact, little chance that a market could hope to build brand advocates with a rebate program. Today, many rebate programs

Rebates Reinvented

Today, many channel marketers lack the planning resources needed to skyrocket their rebate programs performance. Too many programs are broken, falling into breakage and dwindling customer retention rates.  It could be said that brands need a whole new way of approaching rebate programs; rebates reinvented if you will. It just takes one search on Twitter