360 reaches new milestone: Over a HALF-BILLION DOLLARS worth of claims processed for appliance manufacturers

No doubt, channel marketing fulfillment is a cluttered space, with lots of companies vying for business from manufacturers and their channel partners. But it’s clear that 360insights is quickly becoming the fulfillment processing company of choice for more and more global brands – especially in the appliance vertical. The dollars speak for themselves: more than

My Excellent Haitian Adventure Pt. 3

Have you ever been right in the centre of really incredible chaos? Driving (or rather being driven) through Haiti re-defined for me what chaos even really means.  My desktop dictionary says that chaos means “complete disorder and confusion” and however succinct and accurate those words may be, sometimes we need to truly live something in

My Excellent Haitian Adventure Pt. 2

Wow. The little voices in our head can really mess with us sometimes, can’t they? My first experience on Haitian soil was a sense of paralysis.  (see video, below) It was a simple enough problem really – the main languages they speak here are Creole and French (with a bit of English) and my main

Seth Godin’s Message To Marketers at #INBOUND13

In my life outside of my job at 360, one of the things I am is a musician.   Not a rich, famous musician, but someone who has enjoyed playing music by myself, with others, or for others for many, many years now. As a musician, I tend to experience concerts differently.   For example,

Interview With Mitch Joel “Sex With Data and A Digital First Posture”

By: Jason King This morning a few of us in the marketing department were fortunate enough to be invited to a keynote by “marketing rockstar” and author, Mitch Joel.  His forthcoming book, Ctrl Alt Delete challenges us to reboot our thinking, our businesses and the way we live our lives. Mitch’s previous book, 2008’s Six Pixels