5 Pillars to Fuel Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that loyal customers are the reason behind successful businesses. Having customers who continually purchase from your brand and recommend your services/products to their friends are people that enrich your reputation and revenue. Building these loyal customers however, has proven to be more and more difficult as time progresses. We live in a consumer

The Rebate Journey Infographic

Providing a rebate isn’t just about rewarding a customer, it’s about creating a connection with your consumers that will last. From the moment a customer purchases your product to well after they receive it, the experience they have with your brand will determine if they re-purchase or promote your product. It’s then crucial that the

The Essential Guide To Running Successful Sales Incentives

Sales incentives aren’t just another cash payout. They’re your brand’s connection to the sales channel. For years, many brands have struggled to maximize the potential of their sales incentive programs. Putting money into their programs without knowing if they’ll receive a sizable return. The incentive platforms ability to foster meaningful relationships and garner useful insights into

Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Incentive Vendor

Improving a rebate or sales incentive program can be difficult when you don’t know the right questions to ask your vendor. Your rebate or sales incentive program should be achieving it’s full potential, in that it offers a great user experience, and it optimizes your promotional spend.  Raising the right questions can explore your current vendors offerings and help

3 Best Practices to Optimize Your Incentive Spend

In a recent study led by IDG Research, only 6% of channel marketing leaders surveyed said they have confidence in optimizing their channel marketing spend. In that same study, 51% of channel marketing leaders stated that optimizing spend for their incentive program is critical. It’s evident that channel marketing leaders realize the potential of successfully

The State of Channel Marketing Infographic

With the emergence of technology in the incentive world, the functionality and capabilities of a channel marketing program have altered dramatically. Channel marketers understand that technology is critical for channel success. Because it not only relieves channel marketers from the horrendous administrative responsibilities but also strengthens program structure, provides insight and maximizes revenue. In a

It’s Time to do Better: 4 Tips to Craft a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy

According to an IDG led study 90% of channel marketing leaders believe that a poor channel marketing strategy can damage a brand’s reputation. In that same study 76% of channel marketing leaders believed that the right channel marketing strategy is a strong competitive advantage. Although having a channel marketing strategy remains essential, creating an effective