Is Your Rebate Program Built for Success?

Did you know that 75% of channel programs have a positive impact on sales but over half of them are not optimized for peak performance? Channel marketing is at a point that optimizing ROI and data-driven decision making are just as important as demand gen. The state of the industry is a challenge for channel

Top Trends In Sales Incentive Fraud

It’s no secret that fraud detracts a significant amount from your channel marketing budget, not to mention it affects your brand’s credibility with potential customers. For many, it’s a constant struggle. According to industry insights, the estimated fraud in an incentive campaign is 2.5% of total claims. With an average of 15,000 claims a week,

The Scary Truth Infographic

Happy Halloween! In most cases the experience a claimant has with your sales incentive determines if they continue to purchase or sell your brand or if they opt for another. Your sales incentives shouldn’t be scaring them off but encouraging them to come back again. Providing exceptional customer service then is the cornerstone for a

Why You Need a Holistic Management Platform

Your brand is your promise to your channel, to their salespeople, and to their customers. But when it comes to rebates, sales incentives (SPIFF) and MDF/co-op programs, it’s often hard for channel marketers to follow through on that promise, holistically. Rebates are often handled manually, and it can take weeks, even months, to get the

Why You Need an Automated Vendor

In a recent IDG Research study on channel marketing, the top challenges faced by channel marketing leaders were uncovered, one of them being tool and system related. It was revealed that many brands aren’t equipped with the tools they need in order to grow their program. It can be difficult running an incentive program; running

Incenting Your Associates For Guaranteed Results

Imagine going through the process of redeeming your reward after working tirelessly to sell a specific brand’s product and then receiving your reward in an undesired form of payment. The experience for the associate becomes disappointing and deters them from investing anymore time selling or promoting your product in the future. Which means, all those