Why You Need an Automated Vendor

In a recent IDG Research study on channel marketing, the top challenges faced by channel marketing leaders were uncovered, one of them being tool and system related. It was revealed that many brands aren’t equipped with the tools they need in order to grow their program. It can be difficult running an incentive program; running

How Do You Combat Rebate Fraud?

Rebate fraud is more common than many manufacturers realize, and without a comprehensive data management platform, the process of validating claims and catching fraudsters can be extremely challenging for manufacturers and distributors. According to a 360insights led study, fraud accounts for approximately 4 to 7 percent annually of channel marketing spend. A significant amount. In

What Types Of Fulfillment Can Boost Sales Participation?

Channel fulfillment is a critical element of channel success. The experience your sales associates have with your brand determine if they sell your product or not, which directly impacts the revenue you garner from your program. So making sure they’re happy is important. Your program should be taking into account their preferences as well as

Maximize Customer Participation With Rebates

Today’s consumers can be your most vocal advocates – or detractors. It all depends on how you choose to have them interact with your brand. How you send their payment, how you speak with them, how you design your program, these are all components that affect if a consumer has a great experience with your brand. Your rebate

Get Coordinated With Your Rebate Programs

A program without coordination is a program indifferent from its competitors. Not only is it a decentralized approach to administering channel marketing programs, but it narrows the opportunity for a program to be truly effective. Rebate programs should be carefully curated, having effective communication internally across teams and externally to consumers, they should align with

Mobile Integration: A Strategy For Success

Technology in more recent years has played a substantial role in the way businesses and consumers function. It’s all about ease and convenience. Especially in the world of rebates. Mobile integration has become a revolutionary factor within the new age. In a SalesForce study it was revealed that “the use of mobile marketing is multiplying year

Structuring a Winning Sales Incentive Program

A powerful sales incentive program starts with a strong structure, fitting the needs of your brand and your sales channel to ensure you’re not only maximizing your revenue but effectively using your time and resources. The structure of your program should consider what your sales channel would prefer and what is within budget for your