Want to know what it’s like to work at 360insights? Among its many awards, 360insights has been named the #1 best place to work in Canada by the Great Place To Work Institute and has ranked in the top four places for five years running now. Being in the technology business, we are constantly iterating on both our product and our workplace culture. After all, part of what it takes to be a great place to work is the will and intent. It also takes a ton of experimentation.

Innovation at a technology company can occasionally be described as building the car while you’re driving it at the same time – if all of this is sounding fun and interesting to you, then read on!

Life at 360 can be a wild ride, starting right from the chaos of how we welcome new team members on day one and never really ending. At the time of this writing, we just finished renovating an old public school near our original HQ and have turned it into an exciting and inspiring work campus for our team and a hub of innovation for our community.

Our open workspaces mean that you get access to the leadership team when you have questions or need them to make a call on something, but beyond that, it means that you are constantly in collaboration with smart, energetic and friendly people.

The office Fridge of Life will keep you topped up with healthy food items to whip up a quick breakfast or that much-needed mid afternoon snack. Our office coffee robot spins up lattes, espressos and every other brew that you need to get started or stay started each day and the office popcorn machine goes off like clockwork each week.

We celebrate wins, birthdays, holidays, births and other life-changing events in a big way and we also support each other through tough times. Being on the team at 360 means that you can expect to be valued for your talents, respected as an individual and welcomed as a team member. It also means you can expect to be challenged in your work – upholding our founding commitments to providing unbelievable experiences for our clients while changing the world can get hectic at times and you need to be prepared.

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If you want to be part of a team that is pioneering the way an entire industry operates while sticking to its goal of making a difference in the world, then we want you to consider joining our team. Check our Careers page for current job openings in our offices in London UK, Farmington Hills MI, and Whitby ON, as well as for any remote jobs we may have available.

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