Making A Difference

At 360insights, one of our founding commitments is to make a difference in the world.

The thing is, in the course of building a leading-edge technology company, it’s actually pretty easy to get distracted from such a commitment and instead focus on your customers, your team and your product, all of which are right in front of you each day. In fact, our team and customers are so important to us that they too are included in our founding commitments and we work each day to create unbelievable experiences for them all. So how can we also ensure that we are actively making a difference in the world?

First off, it’s very important to remember that even the smallest acts do, in fact, contribute to making a difference in the world.

We believe that the way we answer the phones, the way we speak to our clients and to each other and, indeed, the very thoughts we think can all contribute to making the world a better place. In that sense, each of us is completely empowered to stay true to this founding commitment each day and though we may not always be perfect, we do our best to get it right.

Another great way to make a difference in the world though is to think really big, as in globally big. At 360, we love to contribute to the communities we work in by doing things like providing meals or Christmas presents for families in need, building playgrounds, helping out at animal shelters or cleaning up around waterways. There is no question that these things make a difference in the world we all share, but we also like to think even bigger still.

Please enjoy the latest video update from 360’s Team Haiti:

For example, in the very first month that 360 ever turned a profit, we honoured our founding commitment to the world at large by partnering with charity:water to build a well for a community in Rwanda. We like charity:water because they too think big – their mission is no less than to ensure that every person on Earth has access to clean, safe drinking water – our kind of mission. Working with organizations like charity:water, World Vision, Pencils for Promise , Newstory and others may even help us as much it helps the people receiving the benefit of our donations because it helps us to get the thing that humans crave most from their work: it gives us meaning. How cool is it to think that the little tasks we all do in the course of our daily work are changing lives for people all around the globe?

One last story: Back in late 2012, our CEO Jason Atkins was challenged by a very close friend –

“So, what have you done lately to change the world, Mr. CEO?”

Good question. At the time, we had been having challenges filling some roles for data entry and claim processing and were looking for a BPO partner that could get us the help we needed. Through an organization called Samasource, we met our incredible friend, Duquesne Fednard, who runs a technical school called CETEMOH that he and his students had built literally from the ground up in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Duquesne shared with us his vision for “trade, not aid” and how he believes that the only way people can rise up from poverty is through empowering work that will help them establish their personal independence and even allow them to help those around them. That meeting started a friendship and business partnership that thrives to this day and continues to help bring meaning to all that we do each day at 360.