360 Values

Why be a values-driven organization?

Simply put: to thrive in life and in our work, we humans need higher purpose; we need to be engaged and inspired!

Traditionally, the sole role of a corporation has been to build profitability and value for shareholders. Can you imagine a duller, less-inspiring reason to get out of bed each morning? Luckily, research shows that working toward a higher purpose than ourselves empowers us to perform our best, and profitability soon follows as a side benefit of great work.

We are building a culture of happiness. Happy employees bring their passion and experience to work every day to drive the success of our clients. We believe happiness is a powerful agent to make a difference in the world and the communities in which we live. Building a culture of happiness, like anything worth doing, is a matter of staying the course and doing the work day-to-day.

Before 360 was even founded, Jason Atkins knew that he wanted his new venture to be guided by three founding principles: an unbelievable experience for the company’s clients, an unbelievable experience for the team of employees at the new company, all the while making a positive difference in the World.

Back in 2012, the team got together and agreed upon a set of values that continues to guide our work to this day:

  • Don’t find a fault, find a remedy. What it means to us: Focus on creating solutions to problems.
  • Be real and have fun. What it means to us: Act with integrity while encouraging happiness.
  • Live in the possible. What it means to us: Live and work free of limitation.
  • It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. What it means to us: Strive for excellence and deliver on your commitments.

Now we’re talking!

Since our inception back in 2008, 360 has built playgrounds in our own backyard, dug wells in Rwanda, India and Ethiopia, built a school in Kenya as well as homes in Haiti, supported animal shelters, provided Christmas gifts and dinners for local families, helped re-house our neighbours, cleaned up waterways and much, much more.
The best part is always this: we’re just getting started.

It’s not like you can just hold a company meeting and say, “Okay everyone, from now on we’re all super happy all the time!” After five straight years of being in the top four best places to work in Canada (as awarded by the Great Place To Work Institute™) we are more determined than ever to keep pushing the limits of our creativity and imaginations to build the best place to work on Earth.