Channel Pulse: The Importance of a Great Customer Experience

How to Raise the Customer Experience Bar – Channel Pulse Exclusive

What makes a great customer experience? This quarter’s Channel Pulse is focused on Customer Experience (CX). What we learned from our initial research is everyone (94% of respondents) is focused on CX. Many companies hope to use a superior customer experience as a strategic differentiator, but while overall CX initiatives have improved, few have achieved

CPEast Live Panel Webcast: Achieving Channel Success

Channel Pulse East: Achieving Channel Success Webinar Replay

Defining Channel Success A constant stream of new technologies is digitally transforming every aspect of the channel.  This transformation is changing the very definition of channel success.  From adapting to an ever-evolving buyer’s journey through the tools we use to communicate and incentivize the channel, we find ourselves rethinking entire business models. According to Steven


Escheatment: How it Impacts Incentives

Escheatment: An Unfamiliar Word Have you heard those commercials that say the state may have unclaimed money in your name and all you need to do to receive it is file a claim?  Sounds like a scam doesn’t it? However, it might be true! It all has to do with a word most individuals and

Channel Planning Webinar

Results Driven Channel Planning Webinar Summary

Is Your Channel Planning Process Optimized? Did you know? “75% of partners give vendors a C for business planning.” – Source: PLTV Survey, University of Glasgow, 2018 In the channel industry today, vendors and partners want and need more from their business planning process. Yet, traditional methods are often considered a waste of time among solution

Channel Marketing High Performance Webinar Replay

Channel Marketing High Performance Webinar Summary

High Performance Channel Marketing Defined According to SiriusDecisions research, high performance is ultimately measured by linking channel marketing to business outcomes.  In most cases, organizations are challenged with distinguishing between what is done and what is produced.  In addition, channel marketing leaders want to better understand what high performers are doing to achieve ROI and

The State of Channel Data Science

Channel Pulse Research: The State of Channel Data Science

The State of Channel Data Science Over the last half decade channel data management has exploded and we’re seeing a lot more interest in gaining insights from channel data. From our interactions with customers, we’ve found it’s a journey that requires data be consolidated and cleansed, models built, and data science applied.  You simply can’t

Incentive Planning and Selection Guide

Incentive Strategies: Four Steps to Optimizing Channel Incentive Planning

Choose Incentives to Influence the Right Behaviors As the 2020 year approaches, you’re probably deep into planning your channel incentive programs for next year.  However, do you know how to choose the right incentives that influence the right reseller behaviors?  Can you ensure your channel programs are executed flawlessly and achieve desired results?  Incentives help

Conex 2019 Conference Highlights

Conex 2019: Build Engaging Content Experiences To Drive Better CX

Conex 2019: Bringing Marketers Together to Own & Transform The Content Experience Marketers within various digital, demand generation, and content marketing areas recently gathered in the heart of Toronto at Conex 2019. This unique B2B conference brought together subject matter experts and thought leaders from across the globe.  They shared actionable best practices on how

Blog header image with bar graph appearing to show sales growth and article title “Do SPIFFs Work? How Do I Calculate SPIF ROI?”

Do SPIFFs Work? How Do I Calculate SPIF ROI?

“Do sales SPIFFs still work?”  “Do sales SPIFs actually work?”  These are common versions of the same question that have popped up for us in dozens of conversations since day one at 360insights.  It’s a perfectly sound question really; sales SPIFs are an incentive tactic nearly as old as sales itself, so while one might