Mobile Integration: A Strategy For Success

Technology in more recent years has played a substantial role in the way businesses and consumers function. It’s all about ease and convenience. Especially in the world of rebates.

Mobile integration has become a revolutionary factor within the new age. In a SalesForce study it was revealed that “the use of mobile marketing is multiplying year over year, with 98% growth in mobile app usage ”¹.

In rebates, mobile integration has played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience and simplifying a once decidedly “unsimplified” process. Whether through easy rebate portal access, multiple payment options or convenient customer support, integrating mobile should be a priority within your rebate program.

Here are 3 core reasons why you should be integrating mobile into your rebate program:

Submission is Fast: In a fast, consumer-driven economy mobile integration and responsiveness is not only preferred but it is expected. People don’t want to have to go through the hassle of waiting to go home, logging onto their laptop or desktop, and start filling their rebate information out. They want their rebate now. With mobile integration consumers can complete the redemption process from anywhere – even at the store of purchase – making for a fast and easy streamlined process.  

Payment is Simplified: Mobile also enhances the consumer experience by providing easy and useful payment options. With mobile you can provide claimants with their money via virtual pre-paid cards, and re-load them anytime a consumer fills out another rebate form. A large portion of the population already has apps on their phones where they collect points or have online cards. Providing an option to have your payment available on mobile just makes it that much more convenient for people on-the-go, allowing them to access their funds online and shop online with ease.

Acquiring Data is Simplified for Administrator: Since the process is simple and responsive, it makes collecting data from your claimants that much easier. With a mobile responsive design, claimants can enter their data simply, on the spot. Data attained from claimants can not only aid your channel marketing promotions but also your brand’s general marketing efforts. Knowing who is purchasing your product, where they are from, what they bought, etc. enables you to target and position your product more strategically.
Mobile integration has become a benchmark for success in recent years. According to a 2017 study, there are 4.92 billion global mobile users². By integrating mobile not only are you enhancing your consumer experience but also streamlining your process of retrieving data. A guaranteed strategy for success.