Build Brand Advocates With A Rebate Program

Several years ago, the process of redeeming a rebate was lengthy and cumbersome for consumers. It was considered “best practice” to make a rebate difficult to attain by creating challenges and barriers. There was, in fact, little chance that a market could hope to build brand advocates with a rebate program.

Today, many rebate programs still hold those same traditional complexities, requiring customers to physically mail-in forms, provide copies of numerous documents, and wait prolonged periods of time for a check in the mail.

This practice of making a rebate difficult to attain is short-sighted and damaging to any brand. It erodes consumer trust and tarnishes brand reputation.

A consumer rebate program without complexities can be powerful. With the consumers best interests in mind, a rebate program can provide sales with a boost to specific products or product lines, build brand preference with consumers, and optimize spend for the future. In the world of business today where customers are more driven by exceptional experiences, it is vital to make every encounter with your product or brand, a memorable one.

In order to enhance the customer experience and to ensure your brand becomes the preferred brand, we’ve designed 3 proven methods to building brand advocates within a rebate program.

3 Proven Methods to Building Brand Advocates Within a Rebate Program:

  1. Make Redemption Easy

Redeeming a rebate shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be an effortless and engaging experience.

In the digital age, having an online portal where consumers can type in their claims, and keep track, is imperative. The more straightforward it is to type a claim in, track it’s status and receive it, the happier the customer and the larger likelihood of a repeat buyer.

Making redemption easier also includes offering a variety of payment methods. Offering branded credit cards, PayPal, branded merchandise, checks, etc. makes it easier for the consumer to feel like they are truly benefitting from your promotion, increasing brand advocacy and sales.

  1. Listen to Your Customer Base

We all know that loyal and delighted consumers are the number one reason a brand succeeds. So why not utilize your unique opportunity as a brand to engage the consumer personally through their incentive process. Ask for feedback through social channels or personalized mail, and respond online to positive and negative comments to show you’re engaged and willing to implement change.

For better development, work with an incentive vendor who understands your needs. It is vital that you choose a vendor who represents your brand the way you want it to, processing and fulfilling rebates in an efficient manner with exceptional customer service. The rebate shouldn’t be the last touch point but the first of many to come.

  1. Provide Quick and Accurate Payout

No customer wants to wait 6-8 weeks (or more) for something that they are eager to receive.

Quick payouts increase the overall brand experience. In this day-and-age positive brand experience is crucial. The longer they wait the more frustrated they get which can lead to negative backlash online. Slow and strenuous redemption leaves customers with a bad taste in their mouth, and a poor experience shared online and offline can be fatal.

By implementing these rebate program best practices you can ensure you’re building brand advocates. It’s time to forget the traditional complexities and embrace an efficient and engaging experience for your customers.

For more information on how to build an outstanding rebates program, download our latest eBook Rebates Reinvented: a Complete Best Practices Guide to the Modern Rebate Program.