#2013CES Day 3 – Leading Tactics For Building Engagement

By: Jason King

I’ll admit it: day 3 was the day I actually got full-on lost for a while at CES: I had an appointment in one of the towers at the Venetian and at t-minus 15 minutes until the scheduled interview time, I had no idea where I was.   Finally, after running up 29 flights of stairs, I had a great view of where I was and was back on track.  Victory!

Leading Tactics Build Engagement

McAfee Booth CES 2013The first really smart thing I noticed about what McAfee was doing at the CES show is that they were not buried somewhere on one of the expansive show floors.   At the 2013 show, for the first time ever, they took-over Emeril Lagasse’s highly-rated Delmonico Steakhouse inside the Venetian and completely re-skinned it as their own.  We never did get around specifically to channel marketing but in our discussion, Gary Davis the VP of Global Consumer Marketing for McAfee, talks about how committing to this unorthodox tactic led to hugely increased levels of engagement with their partners as it was transporting them right out of the chaotic pace of the rest of the show.

ABM – Always Be Measuring

A software and tech stalwart such as McAfee is, naturally, a data-driven company and this new way of creating trade show engagement will be no exception: the visits/sales metrics will be captured as a baseline against which all future CES activities will be measured.  McAfee will always know “if it’s working”.  Here is the learning: even if you are just starting out with a new tactic or even a new company make sure you are still capturing as much data as possible.  This will become your benchmark whenever you need to have a close look at how your efforts are paying off.

The Internet Is Not Going Away

Gary Davis McAfeeFun note: it was actually sort of novel to meet the couple of companies I encountered who are selling consumer goods, yet still not using the Internet in their marketing in any way.  Certainly if your company is happy with its sales and staying on track it may be tempting to keep doing what has always worked, but this really does ignore irreversible trend of how many purchase decisions are being made on the Internet.  That entrenched, “this is how it has always been done” mentality is nowhere in sight with McAfee: the 26 year old company knows that if you’re not moving forward in business, you’re moving backward.  “The cornerstone of our success is online,” says Davis “we have a plethora of technologies that we employ…daily.”   Check out the excerpt below from what was definitely one of the best discussions I had at CES.

Jason King 360 IncentivesJason is the Content and Community guy at 360Incentives.com and was in Vegas for CES for a record-breaking week.   Connect with Jason on Twitter  @JayKing71  or  Google+