Channel Marketing High Performance Webinar Summary

High Performance Channel Marketing Defined

According to SiriusDecisions research, high performance is ultimately measured by linking channel marketing to business outcomes.  In most cases, organizations are challenged with distinguishing between what is done and what is produced.  In addition, channel marketing leaders want to better understand what high performers are doing to achieve ROI and how their own channel marketing function compares.

What is the Formula for High Performance Channel Marketing?

As the channel faces growing pressure to demonstrate results from marketing investments, there are a set of numbers that directly relate to high performing channel marketing.  In this webinar, our presenters, Maria Chien, Service Director – Channel Marketing Strategies at Forrester/SiriusDecisions and Steven Kellam, SVP of Marketing & Alliances at 360insights reveal what these numbers are and what they mean to channel leaders.

Here’s what you will learn:

1. A deep-dive look at the key numbers and best practices related to channel marketing high performance.
2. Insights into where high performers invest in channel marketing programs.
3. An understanding of the key skills that channel marketing leaders require.

Watch the webinar replay

Get Aligned to Channel Marketing Priorities

High performing channel leaders should align to five key marketing priorities.  Watch this replay and see which priority will have the most influence on CMO’s marketing strategy over the next years, according to the SiriusDecisions 2019 Global CMO Study.

Webinar highlights:
• Define key high-performance metrics related to the organization’s channel marketing objectives and KPIs
• Assess and adjust the team’s focus using this fact-based understanding of what actions correlate with high performance
• Establish a baseline of where the organization is today before measuring progress or rate of change