Turn Your Incentive Program into a Competitive Advantage

A strategically planned, well-executed incentive plan is an enormously valuable tool available to sales and marketing executives to help increase revenue and brand loyalty. They’re designed to create a demand and stimulate an action to buy. If executed properly, a sales incentive program can be a substantial competitive advantage for your company. Yet the fundamental

Rethinking ROI on Promotional Spend

The question of Return on Investment (ROI) on incentive programs has always been prevalent among CMO’s and channel marketing managers. Obviously, the greater the monetary return – the better the program, but the question is usually one of how to best measure the true return on promotional spend. In today’s business world, measuring solely for financial

Visibility: For Your Brand and Into Your Loyalty Programs

Building successful loyalty programs requires synergy of many elements and there are common principles that weave them all together. One of the elements that weaves through and connects the experience of everyone involved in successful loyalty programs is visibility. Visibility For Your Brand Naturally, raising the profile of your brand and its products is the