Get More From Your Instant Rebate Campaign

At its core, the whole value of leveraging technology in the business world is how it enables us to do so much more with our existing resources.   When it comes to marketing techniques such as an instant rebate campaign, today’s technology allows us not just to continue marketing to our existing customers but to in fact leverage the power of their contacts and even their contact’s contacts.

Historically with an instant rebate program, a brand’s channel marketing dollars are going into the sales incentives pool with the simple goal of helping their retailer close the sale on the showroom floor.   Obviously, this has immediate and tangible value to the brand, but how can we stretch that value out further, out into the buyer’s network as mentioned above and into the buyer’s purchase habits years down the road?

Speak Clearly To Those Who Need To Know

A great instant rebate program should have one guiding light during the entire planning process and that is to provide an amazing experience for the customer.   Make sure there is no friction at the front lines – this involves great communication to your partners and their sales folk.   If deals are going to be getting closed based on your instant rebate offering, you want to make sure that the people closing the deals know what they are talking about.     One of the top complaints that retail sales associates (RSA’s) have with instant rebates is simply that they find it challenging to keep track of all the programs and their various parameters, so do keep that in mind.

Create The Best Consumer Rebate Programs

Keep An Eye on Customer Experience

We are going to assume that you have asked the customer to opt-in to receiving your marketing messages at the time of receipt of the instant rebate.   If you have not done so, this is a critical point if you expect to get more from your campaigns.    

A great first touch in your follow-up campaign is to ask the customer about their experience with the sale.   The great thing about email and other digital technologies is that it enables you to reach the customer while the transaction is still fresh in their mind and thus, it helps you with gathering valuable information about who your buyer personas are and what they want out of your products.

Review Integration

If the consumer is engaging with you online, why not offer them an opportunity to leave a positive review on Yelp/Google for you and/or your retail partner?  Based on the results of the aforementioned survey, you can funnel the people who had a great experience right into this next phase of your campaign and let their good feelings begin to spill out in a more public way.

Create A Community And Grow Your Reach

Your rebate process could have as many follow-up touch points as you like with the consumer, just make sure that each contact from you has a point to it and is offering some valuable outcome to the consumer.   Assuming that you are keeping this in mind, consider how to marry this goal with your own goals: perhaps you’d like them to opt into your ongoing email campaigns, follow you on Twitter or like your brand on Facebook?   

Who knows: perhaps you will be the one who creates some pioneering new way to use existing or future platforms or social media to re-invent the way the rest of us do our marketing?

Jason King 360 IncentivesJason is the Content and Community guy at Connect with Jason on Twitter