How A Small-Town Startup Attracted The Country’s Largest VC

By: Jason Atkins


Today is a big day. For me personally, it is one of the most important days of my life as it marks a defining milestone of my professional career.

The vision for this company from day one has always been to change the way the incentives industry operates: to improve upon what is already great in the industry and to take some things that were broken and make them much, much better. For four years now, we have worked tirelessly to make that vision come to life. We have innovated constantly, we have successfully scaled our IT to keep pace with the global brands we serve and we have remained fanatical about delivering an unbelievable experience to the people we serve.  In fact, amongst it all, it may be fair to say that our incredible company culture has been the cornerstone of the success of 360 Incentives.

From inception our vision has been to change the face of the promotions and incentives space. In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers need to move faster than their competitors, and we allow them to engage and systematically improve their channel promotions. It is not just about incentives; it is about engagement – the tools and education they need to provide their channel with has never been more important than right now.

Today, we have the green light and the resources to push our vision even further out and to change the incentives industry for the entire world. We are announcing a $7.65 million investment led by OMERS Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of OMERS, one of Canada’s largest pension plans. Other investors are Klass Capital and Round 13 Capital.  This funding secures our course for more massive disruption of the incentives business with partners who share our vision for the future. is modernizing the channel incentive space by providing an automated platform for clients that allows them to manage their channel promotion, incentive and rebate programs efficiently and holistically. Its sophisticated solution allows customers to dramatically reduce error and fraud, and to track in real-time where every promotion dollar is being spent to measure their return-on-marketing.

Derek Smyth OMERS Ventures“We were attracted by the passion and vision of founder Jason Atkins and his team and their ability to bring a game-changing technology solution to the channel incentives space. They are an innovator and a leader in channel sales incentives and partner engagement,” – Derek Smyth, Managing Director of OMERS Ventures

Bruce Croxon“For a young company, we were very impressed by 360 Incentives  mature approach to forming a culture and building an organization. It was that as much as the business model that compelled us to invest. ” – Bruce Croxon, Round 13 Capital, CBC Dragon’s Den

As much as today is a demarcation point in the history of 360 Incentives, it is the end of nothing. We will still push evermore toward creating unbelievable experiences for our clients and their clients, toward building an unbelievable workplace and toward making a difference in the world at large.

We are just getting started.

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