Is Your Rebate Program Built for Success?

Did you know that 75% of channel programs have a positive impact on sales but over half of them are not optimized for peak performance?

Channel marketing is at a point that optimizing ROI and data-driven decision making are just as important as demand gen. The state of the industry is a challenge for channel marketers who have said their top challenges for 2018 are tool and system-related: insufficient channel visibility, processes requiring a lot of heavy lifting, and ROI that can’t be optimize with current approaches.

The verdict? Channel marketers need a digital platform to maximize ROI from channel programs. Using innovative technology for your rebate programs can help optimize visibility, enable data-driven decisions and simplify the process.

So how do you know if your rebate program is built for success? Ask yourself these questions:  

  • How do you measure the data you have about your customers?
  • How do you put these insights into action once you’re ready to launch your next rebate program?
  • How successful have your rebate methods been?
  • Have you ever wondered if technology-based rebate programs could work better for you?

Take it a step further with our Online Assessment. The free Assessment Tool analyzes your current program based on 10 questions, and tests your organization’s rebate program’s effectiveness. You will receive your assessment results, with tips on how to build a successful promotion.

Begin the free online Rebate Assessment to see how your program stacks up against the competition.