Video Interview With Mitch Joel “Sex With Data and A Digital First Posture”

By: Jason King

Mitch 2 lowres rgbThis morning a few of us in the marketing department were fortunate enough to be invited to a keynote by “marketing rockstar” and author, Mitch Joel.  His forthcoming book, Ctrl Alt Delete challenges us to reboot our thinking, our businesses and the way we live our lives.

Mitch’s previous book, 2008’s Six Pixels of Seperation was a best-seller which foretold the very connectivity of the world we all live and work in today, although as Mitch himself said in his talk this morning “people refer to me as a futurist, but I really think I’m a now-ist.”

His challenge to the audience this morning was to push your marketing evermore to abandon your own objectives and consider those of your customer.   To start using the Internet in your marketing the way you use it at home on weekends.   I’m over-simplifying, but then again…maybe not.

Check out the interview I was able to have with Mitch just before he hit the stage today.  Thanks for your time, Mitch!

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