How People See Your Brand And Sales Incentives

I had a really fun conversation this morning with a new contact who works in a division of one of our clients’ companies, but is not using our platform yet.  This already sounds a bit confusing, doesn’t it?  Well, that was exactly the thrust of our conversation. If your company owns great brands, you already

consumer rebates

When An Incentive Is Not An Incentive

We have a metaphor that we use a lot here in house when we are describing certain best practices in sales incentives programs.   It has to do with our founder’s dog, Neo. Neo is a good boy (my own dog doesn’t even seem to know her name!) who comes when he’s called, stays off

Sales Incentives – Cash Vs. Other Rewards Revisited

The “Cash Vs. Other Rewards” debate is one that seems will ever continue in the loyalty programs and sales incentives space.  Rather than pretending that ours is the definitive voice, I humbly present this as another layer to add to the ongoing conversation. I say humbly, because I was actually blown away by some statistics

Why Rebate?

Occasionally at 360 we get the privilege of really starting from scratch in helping clients build out new programs to market both to their channels and consumers.  Invariably we talk about the never-ending “cash vs. other rewards” debate but another thing that often comes up is trying to quantify the outcome difference between a sales

Get More From Your Instant Rebate Campaign

At its core, the whole value of leveraging technology in the business world is how it enables us to do so much more with our existing resources.   When it comes to marketing techniques such as an instant rebate campaign, today’s technology allows us not just to continue marketing to our existing customers but to

Build The Best Instant Rebate Programs

Here’s the problem with a lot of channel marketing incentives; they unintentionally end up creating adversarialism between business partners who truly need each other to succeed.  In recent years, sell-through allowances (STAs) have been a hot button issue of this type. Very similar to STAs, you have instant rebate programs. On the surface they are