Incentives Fraud

Channel Incentives Technology: 3 Ways to Combat Incentives Fraud

The World of Incentives Is a World of Fraud and Non-Compliance Have you ever wondered why people commit fraud? Incentives fraud is more common than many manufacturers realize and without a comprehensive data management platform, the process of validating claims and catching fraudsters can be extremely challenging for manufacturers and distributors alike. Read on to


Channel Visibility: A Channel Pulse Insight

The Q1 Channel Pulse report from 360insights asked senior channel professionals about their level of visibility to various channel activities. The majority rated channel visibility “Fair” (in the middle between good and bad). What does this imply about the state of channel analytics and insights? When we asked the Channel Pulse audience what their priorities

Shaking The Tree: Celebrating Women In The Channel

Shaking the Tree: Celebrating Women of the Channel

Live Webcast Celebrating Women of The Channel In a special International Women’s Day live webinar event, 360insights’ VP of Global Alliances, Steven Kellam, sits down with two influential women of the channel, Meaghan Sullivan, Head of Global Partner Marketing at SAP and Diane Krakora, Co-owner and Channel & Alliance Partner Development Principal at PartnerPath. Both

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, 360insights recognizes two of the most influential women of the channel; Meaghan Sullivan Head of Global Partner Marketing at SAP and Diane Krakora Channel & Alliance Partner Development Principal at PartnerPath. Their personal success stories and the challenges that they have faced as women in tech rising through

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

What happens to channel incentive spending when the economy changes? 360insights‘ exclusive report on the latest channel trends, Channel Pulse, gave us some insight into this. One of the questions we asked in Channel Pulse was what senior channel professionals were planning for 2019. The majority told us nothing would change. Normally there wouldn’t be


Leveraging Predictive Channel Insights to Improve Program ROI

Is Data the New Oil?  Channel data is becoming deeper and richer, helping to drive channel performance management.  In today’s world, channel data and predictive channel insights are now considered the “new oil”.  The more access to clean, enriched and consolidated data, the better enabled your organization will be to driving revenue growth and reseller

Leveraging Channel Insights for Better Business Decisions

Channel Data: Leveraging Insights for Better Business Decisions

Channel data has become deeper and richer; helping to drive channel incentive performance management and determine who is engaged with your brand. When it comes to making strategic business decisions, many channel marketers leverage data and analytics to accelerate growth, increase engagement and improve ROI. In this 360insights webinar; Leveraging Channel Insights for Better Business

Header image from webinar title slide BSH Home Appliances Optimize Consumer Rebates ROI

BSH Home Appliances Optimize Consumer Rebates ROI

Yesterday marked a really exciting day for us at 360insights when we presented our first-ever live case study webinar with our longstanding client, BSH Home Appliance.  Our two guests, Michael Glenn, BSH’s Retail Channel Manager and Mary Weston, BSH’s Senior Sales analyst joined us in sharing the story of how BSH has been able to

Header image of a team apparently engaged in channel incentive planning with webinar title 2019 Channel Incentive Planning.

2019 Channel Incentive Planning

How do you choose the right channel incentives to match your strategy and accomplish your organizational goals? Is it science? Is it art? Last week, our VP of Global Alliances, Steven Kellam joined Dan Overgaag, Principal for The Spur Group on a webinar presented by Channel Focus/ Baptie & Co, where they discussed a framework

Sales Transformation: Influencing Behavior with Channel Incentives

Did you know, according to research from SiriusDecisions, 75% of companies plan to invest more in Channel Incentive Management? At our recent webinar, Channel Transformation: Influencing Behavior with Incentives, presenters, Maria Chien, Service Director, Channel Marketing Strategies @SiriusDecisions, Lisa Penn, Chief of Staff, Global Partner Marketing @SAP, and Steve Kellam, VP of Global Alliances @360insights