re-thinking mdf

Re-thinking MDF

In an article titled “Is It Time to Re-Think MDF?” author, Alicia Fiorletta, cited recent research revealing: 15% of vendors say more than 25% of funds go unused; 18% of vendors say 15% to 20% goes unused; and 40% of vendors say 1% to 14% goes unused. Most telling of all, however, is the finding

Is Your Rebate Program Built for Success?

Did you know that 75% of channel programs have a positive impact on sales but over half of them are not optimized for peak performance? Channel marketing is at a point that optimizing ROI and data-driven decision making are just as important as demand gen. The state of the industry is a challenge for channel

Why Flexibility is Essential With Your Incentive Program

Traditionally, an enterprise might run a single incentive program on a national level, using data from large geographical landscapes to influence an entire campaign. Although using this data might be beneficial to some locations, it can actually harm a vast majority of other locations. Today, the way brands have the ability to interact with their


Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF

Challenges of Moving From CO-OP to MDF Most companies that sell through distribution support their channel partners with some form of market development funds (MDF). This set aside usually starts a percentage of revenue, or CO-OP, to support partner efforts in developing new market opportunities. This is a win/win for both brands and channel partners

Top Trends In Sales Incentive Fraud

It’s no secret that fraud detracts a significant amount from your channel marketing budget, not to mention it affects your brand’s credibility with potential customers. For many, it’s a constant struggle. According to industry insights, the estimated fraud in an incentive campaign is 2.5% of total claims. With an average of 15,000 claims a week,

Turn Your Incentive Program into a Competitive Advantage

A strategically planned, well-executed incentive plan is an enormously valuable tool available to sales and marketing executives to help increase revenue and brand loyalty. They’re designed to create a demand and stimulate an action to buy. If executed properly, a sales incentive program can be a substantial competitive advantage for your company. Yet the fundamental

Sales Incentives: The Scary Truth Infographic

Happy Halloween!  – Sales Incentives: The Scary Truth Infographic In most cases the experience a claimant has with your sales incentive determines if they continue to purchase or sell your brand or if they opt for another. Your sales incentives shouldn’t be scaring them off but encouraging them to come back again. Providing exceptional customer