Rebates Reinvented

Today, many channel marketers lack the planning resources needed to skyrocket their rebate programs performance. Too many programs are broken, falling into breakage and dwindling customer retention rates.  It could be said that brands need a whole new way of approaching rebate programs; rebates reinvented if you will.

It just takes one search on Twitter to know that while rebates are still heavily used today by a multitude of brands, the experience still leaves something to be desired. Whether due to the lengthy time to process, unclear rules and regulations, or challenging customer service interactions, consumers are more demanding and more vocal about their experiences than ever.

Given the introduction of modern technology however, the technology and process that underpins a rebate has dramatically changed. Rebate programs can now enable brands to revisit and upgrade their rebate experience into a modern vehicle to build lift time value and learn more about their buyers.

Rebate programs have morphed into a powerful tactic for channel marketers that enable brands to be more efficient with payments, collect key data from customers, optimize channel marketing spend, build brand advocates and much more.

The eBook we are excited to reveal, Rebates Reinvented, was designed as a complete best practices guide to the modern rebate program. A guide that can show you how to make the most out of your program and start optimizing your channel marketing spend. The best practices featured in this e-book were meticulously derived from the experience and noted success of running thousands of rebate programs for world-renowned brands.

We know, as practitioners, it can be difficult to find authoritative resources to design, run, and evaluate rebate program. So, we created an eBook that any organization can utilize to create or enhance their rebate program. Our experience descends from 90% of all appliance brands in North America and the U.K., as well as 50% of buying groups, and 75% of appliance distributors.

From detailed recommendations to comprehensive worksheets, this eBook is the complete package to understand and obtain the full potential of your rebate program.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your rebate program, and empower your team, download Rebates Reinvented now.