Using Sales Spiff Programs To Tip The Scale

Spiff your way to a lift

All too often, channel marketing initiatives are overly focused on rewarding the VAR and not the front-line sales reps who are actually selling the product.  Why is this a problem? Think about it: unlike your direct sales team who have a contractual obligation to sell on your behalf and yours alone, your reseller reps (including sales engineers) don’t.

Spiffs: A Higher Form of High-FiveIf you want to drive sales, you need to drive the behavior that motivates the sale, especially in an environment where your product isn’t necessarily going to be top of mind.  Let’s face it: sales people are coin operated.  Spiffs and other incentives are a great way to motivate your reps and increase topline revenues by getting the reps focused on selling your product vs. a competing product.

REMEMBER, the reps have the greatest influence over the technology purchasing choices in their product portfolio. Whether your product will sell or not will turn primarily on whether you’ve successfully captured the sales reps MINDSHARE.

 Please keep in mind however that not all incentive programs are created equal, and there is no one size fits all approach that can be applied across an entire sale channel.   For more on motivating salespeople, I recommend our e-book The Six Reasons That Front Line Salespeople Sell.

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By: Grace-Emily Saati

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