SPIF program

SPIF Program Best Practices – 8 Steps to Success

SPIF programs (Sales Performance Incentive Funds) are a great way to ignite a sales organization and achieve a goal. They can also present many challenges from administration, funding, entitlement through measuring ROI. Executing effective SPIF programs requires planning to overcome these challenges. Some challenges can be headed off with program design while others need to

Top Trends In Sales Incentive Fraud

It’s no secret that fraud detracts a significant amount from your channel marketing budget, not to mention it affects your brand’s credibility with potential customers. For many, it’s a constant struggle. According to industry insights, the estimated fraud in an incentive campaign is 2.5% of total claims. With an average of 15,000 claims a week,

Sales Incentives: The Scary Truth Infographic

Happy Halloween!  – Sales Incentives: The Scary Truth Infographic In most cases the experience a claimant has with your sales incentive determines if they continue to purchase or sell your brand or if they opt for another. Your sales incentives shouldn’t be scaring them off but encouraging them to come back again. Providing exceptional customer

Incenting Sales Associates For Guaranteed Results

Thinking about how your brand could start better incenting sales associates in your channel?  Imagine going through the process of redeeming your reward after working tirelessly to sell a specific brand’s product and then receiving your reward in an undesired form of payment. The experience for the associate becomes disappointing and deters them from investing