The State of Channel Marketing Infographic

With the emergence of technology in the incentive world, the functionality and capabilities of a channel marketing program have altered dramatically, bringing sweeping change to the state of channel marketing.

Channel marketers understand that technology is critical for channel success. Because it not only relieves channel marketers from the horrendous administrative responsibilities but also strengthens program structure, provides insight and maximizes revenue.

In a recent study conducted by IDG – The State of Channel Marketing – channel marketers were surveyed to gain valuable insight from their peers.

In this survey channel marketers revealed their goals, challenges, and strategies for the future marketing trends of 2018. And their findings were hard hitting. Proving that even the top channel marketers struggle with data driven decisions and spend optimization within their program.

The infographic pictured below touches on the key points revealed in the survey.

The IDG findings support the theory: that a single platform is the more fast and efficient vehicle for channel marketing program success.

Business processes need to adapt and become more customer facing. In our consumer-centric current state, results are expected to be delivered fast and efficiently. If you want to surpass your competitors and raise the bar with your incentive program, channel marketing goals need to shift. Enabling data driven decisions that optimize spend and maximize revenue.

For more information on the IDG report: The State of Channel Marketing, click here.