What did I learn from attending #2013CES ?

By: Chris Davies

  • The 360 Team At CESI learned that no matter how much time there was from the day’s opening to its closing, there just wasn’t enough time to see everyone I wanted to see.
  • I learned that the channel marketing individuals are the busiest people at the trade show; they were either tied up in an off-site meeting or tied up with someone on the show floor.
  • There was so much cool stuff to see and not enough money in my wallet to buy it!
  • The key individuals I did finally meet were friendly and some of the nicest people I have had the chance to talk to.
  • I also learned that it takes quite a bit of time to actually plan and strategize on who needs to be seen and when to actually see them.
  • Pre-determined meetings make a lot of sense and take out (most) of the stress.
  • 360 Incentives Trade Show Survival KitOur handy little Tradeshow survival kits were very much appreciated!  Even if some were received after the show!
  • Vegas can actually get colder than Toronto in January!
  • In order to get the good seat on the plane, it helps to smile and really nicely ask the people at the boarding desk an hour before your flight!  Yes, I’m 5’6″ and like to have the emergency row seat!
  • Next time, I’m totally buying a pair of cushioned insoles for my shoes and probably do some strength excercises on my calves!  

I’ll be back for sure next year! 

Chris Davies 360 IncentivesChris Davies is a sales channel incentive specialist at 360Incentives.com.   You can connect with him on Twitter at @360Davies or LinkedIn here.