Channel Management from the front row

A view of Channel Management from the front row | Channel Edge Ep. 61

  • October 20, 2020

In today’s uncertain world, the buyer has never been more powerful. They know how they want to buy, and the channel and supply chain needs to adapt. This week’s episode of Channel Edge shares a view of channel management from the front row sharing what’s happening between channel and vendor, and channel and customer.

Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer at Zift Solutions rejoins Channel Edge to share her thoughts on how companies are getting the most out of today’s channel. Being a technology supplier to leading companies selling through channel, she has a front-row seat into how companies and their channels are adapting in these uncertain times.

Heather shares four core things for improving partner engagement:

  1. Workshop the Journey
  2. Understand how the buyer wants to buy
  3. Automate and Enable
  4. Measure the Data

Listen in as Heather describes an expansive view of the journey, talks about marketplaces and alignment of all areas of the organization, how to use technology, and the importance of measurement. Heather drops key insights like: “Channel Chiefs and CFOs need to be BFFs.”

Heather sees an acceleration of digital transformation with resellers that were previously at risk of being left behind. She also sees smaller companies being more careful and making better decisions at the start of their channel journey. She even comments on how some suppliers are prioritizing building relationships online over traditional in-person events as a longer-term change.


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