Channel Marketing. Driven.

The engine that drives successful channel performance.

Your brand is your promise. To your channel. To their salespeople. And to their customers – the people who buy your product.

But when it comes to rebate, sales incentives (SPIFF) and MDF/co-op programs, it’s often hard for channel marketers to follow through on that promise.

Rebates are often handled manually, and it can take weeks, even months, to get the funds to the customers.

Sales incentive fulfillments to salespeople have similar lag times. And because MDF/co-op programs are difficult to accurately monitor, it’s equally difficult to know how effective they really are.

So, we asked ourselves the question, “Why do brands invest so much to keep the Customer Journey moving, only to slow down on the last leg: just before and just after the sale?”

And then we came up with the solution.

Our channel marketing engine drives profitable channel sales with industry-leading execution and insights.

Fueled by innovative technology, insightful data, and an incredible customer experience, the channel marketing engine optimizes spend for all your rebate, sales incentive and MDF/co-op programs.


SPEED because you fulfill faster. ACCURACY because you avoid overpayments and fraud. And VISIBILITY because you have a window into your market that you’ve never had before, helping inform future channel marketing programs. You’ll know who bought, where, for how much, and why.

For us, the Customer Journey isn’t a straight line, it’s a circle. We want to help turn your customers into brand advocates – to keep them coming back, bringing more customers with them.

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