We Just Won a 2013 ‘Best Workplaces In Canada’ Award

Wow, what a night!

We have just come from the 2013 Best Workplaces In Canada Award Ceremony and I’m super excited to announce that we actually came in 2nd!   We are hugely honoured by this award; even to have made it in to the Top 10 at all for our first year in the contest is a huge testament to our team and the culture we have built together.

People often challenge me by asking “but what’s the ROI of culture?”  To them, I say that the ROI is that we have never lost a single customer.

To share a bit more about how we did it, how we’re moving forward and, yes, to help quantify the ROI of culture, we have released a 40-page e-book today, full of tactics and data that will be useful and informative to anyone interested in building a great company culture.

You’ll learn about:

  • Our journey to an award-winning company culture
  • Actual tactics of how we did it
  • Measurable ROI of a great culture
  • Deep reading list for further learning

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We are really proud of this paper and hope that it helps lots of other people to build great company cultures and thereby great companies.

Thanks for being a part of it all,

Jason Atkins 360 IncentivesJason Atkins, Founder/CEO of 360Incentives.com
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