360 Nominated Best Workplace In Canada For A 2nd Year

This morning at our daily huddle, I had the amazing honour of sharing some great news with the 360 team.

rsz great places to work For the second year in a row, 360incentives is nominated for a Best Place To Work award.  Anyone who has followed our company over the past couple of years is aware how important this metric is to me personally.  The fact is though, I can’t will this sort of thing to happen on my own. What means so much to me is how our team has been the true architects of our own growth and success in this area. That’s the thing about a great culture – on paper, in business planning and policy, culture has no life of its own. Yet every time I step into our office, I feel like I’m among visionaries. People who understand the value of a great culture and understand the importance of their own contribution to the health of it.

Being considered one of the best places to work in Canada is something that will always be important to me.  This company was founded to make people happy.  I believe that building happiness in business starts with having a positive workplace culture. Knowing that this award is out there available for the company who is willing to work the hardest to win it will always help the team and I to stay on track.  We will continue to measure all actions we take against our founding principle of making the world a happier place.

Last year, we ended up winning second place for all Canada.  That night, my amazing friend and 360 VP, Todd was there to share the moment and a further challenge with me.  It was Todd’s goal to win a spot in the top three Best Places To Work within three years,  and we went on to win the award just 15 months after he drew that line in the sand. After we accepted the award, Todd said to me “you realize the position this puts us in for next year, right?” Sadly, Todd won’t be with us at this year’s award, but I’m sure he’ll be checking in on us.  He’ll be sharing our excitement at being nominated and holding me accountable to the vision all of us have co-created for 360.

If you’re going to be in the Toronto area, I’m giving a keynote at the Great Places To Work conference on Wednesday, April 16th. I’ll be co-presenting with 360 investor, Lavalife founder and Dragon’s Den star Bruce Croxon. The title of our talk is The Power of Culture – pushing from words on the wall to living it everyday.  If you’d like to check it out, you can find more details HERE.


Jason Atkins 360incentivesJason Atkins is the Founder/CEO of 360Incentives.com and plays himself in our corporate video.  Connect with Jason on Twitter @jayatkins or Google +.