Update On Our charity: water Campaign In Memory Of Todd Skinner

Recently we received an update from charity: water on how they are using the funds we raised in memory of Todd Skinner.  The news is pretty awesome and Todd would have been proud – he loved charity: water

So many of our team members, family members, friends and clients responded to this campaign with such touching and incredible generosity that I wanted to be accountable to all of you in true charity: water style and share this reporting.


Your money was sent to Kenya!

Because of your generosity, people in Kenya will soon have clean water to drink. We wanted to let you know your money has been sent to the field and work is underway!


Kenya is a chronically water-scarce country. Kenya’s growing population and changing climate mean the situation is getting worse. By 2025, Kenya is projected to have less than a quarter of the water it needs.

Thanks to your help, our implementing partner Action Against Hunger is busy working on 39 hand-dug wells and 5 new piped water systems that will serve over 30,000 people.

Our partner will also be focusing on bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene training to 2 schools. Learn more about our work in Kenya
here »

In about 18 months when the projects are complete, we’ll collect GPS coordinates, photos and other details about each community and show you the impact your funds made in Kenya.
See an example
of the report you’ll receive when your project is ready.


— your friends at charity: water


To all who contributed and have been following this campaign since we launched back in December, I want to personally thank you very much for helping us to honour Todd in this way.  Todd truly believed in making a difference in the world and this campaign is helping him continue to do so.

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