Heading To A Vegas Trade Show? Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions while in Vegas

By: Travis Dutka

New Year’s resolutions seem to be hard enough to keep when you are in a daily routine that you are used to let alone when you are spending a week in Vegas!   So many shows happen right after most North American New Year celebrations and happens at a time that is WAY too early to be turning your back on your resolutions, even for the slackest of the slackers.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that your New Year’s resolutions aren’t completely blown out of the water the week after you just made them.

stick with itMental Preparation – Write your resolutions on a sticky note and stick them on a couple of mirrors in your hotel to help you keep your goals front of mind. Your resolutions are going to be kept (or almost kept) by being conscious of what you want to achieve and all the little decisions you can make throughout your day to help you achieve those goals.

Don’t try to do it alone – Have someone back home (or better, but least likely, who is with you) that knows your goals and will encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize! You can also use online tools like www.stickk.com to help you stick to your goals.

Now, let’s make it happen:

 Lose weight (or at least gain as little as possible) –  This is probably the biggest one.  In Vegas you will probably have a drink or two and be at a meal or two with a plethora of delicious food; you don’t have to be a super star and eat rice cakes that you have been hiding in your pocket the whole time. Here are some quick tips

  1. Drink lots of water – no matter what your goals are staying hydrated makes your body happy and when your body is happy you have more energy, you feel better, and you look better!
  2. If it’s white, it ain’t alright: with the notable exception of cauliflower, avoid eating white foods such as potatoes, rice, breads etc. These are types of foods are very starchy and probably helped you get to the weight you’re at now.  If you’re trying to drop some weight, they’ve got to go.
  3. Moderation – ok so this isn’t rocket science but one of the biggest tricks for surviving Vegas with a shred of your goals in tack is moderation. 2 glasses of wine instead of a bottle, going up for second but not thirds, salads as sides instead of fries, you get the idea.
  4. Alternatives – the most encouraging section of the whole blog! You don’t have to give up the good stuff, just look for better alternatives!

These are, of course, broad strokes.  I find that Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet works really well for me, so if you are interested in that, I highly recommend checking it out.

 Exercise – The likelihood of you spending 1hr/day in the gym while you are in Vegas is pretty slim unless you have already established some serious habits or pass out there by accident, so here are some things you can do that will propel you in the direction of your exercise goals.

  1. map appWalk between destinations as much as possible – most places are close enough and the weather is beautiful in Vegas, get some fresh air and get those legs moving! There are awesome mapping apps on most phones these days that can tell you more or less how long it should take you to walk between your destinations, so you can get that stroll in, see the sites and still make realistic plans to get to places on time.  (NOTE: If walking straight is difficult for you at any given point in time, we advise traveling in a group with at least one person who can walk in a straight line and knows where they are going!)
  2. Take the stairs – you will probably back and forth to your hotel a few times a day so make the conscious effort to take the stairs and feel the burn! Don’t feel like trekking to the 78th floor, no problem, take the elevator to the 75th and walk up 3 floors. Extreme example? You know what we’re getting at: every little decision puts you closer to your goals.
  3. Hotel room/body weight work outs – Take a few minutes in the morning before you hit the shower and do a simple set of exercises. This will kick start your metabolism, get your blood flowing and help you feel great to start your day. There are other ways to get exercise in your hotel room but here is what we’ll cover in this blog:
    1. air squatsPush-ups
    2. Air Squats
    3. Dips (between two beds or two chairs)
    4. Jumping jacks
      If you are interested in bodyweight exercises here are two worthy checking out:

Personal Growth/Reflect and Dream – Yes, you’re in Vegas and there is unlimited distraction, 24 hours/day, but you are also out of your day-to-day environment and away from many of your usual responsibilities.  In the midst of all the excitement of Las Vegas, the lights, sounds and sights take 10 minutes out of day to stop and reflect on your goals and how you want your year to unfold. This small break will help you keep your focus and put your long-term goals at the front of your mind.  Take some notes and don’t lose the plot!

It really is all about one small decision at a time when it comes to keeping your “Resolution Train” on the tracks, even if it’s only 1 set of wheels on the track by the time you leave. Have fun and be encouraged that it is possible.

Travis Dutka 360 IncentivesTravis Dutka is a communicator who likes iced espresso at 360Incentives.com Connect with Travis on LinkedIn here.