We Just Won An Impact Award For Our Work With Samasource

By: Jason Atkins

CakeThis is the kind of stuff that gets us excited about our work and the kind of stuff that means the world to us.

We just received this cake, delivered to our Whitby HQ letting us know that we have won an Impact award for our work with our partner, Samasource.   

Back in February 2012, our VP of Client Happiness, Todd Skinner and Todd Skinner at 360InsightsI started to discuss models on how to bring the fulfillment of our 3rd commitment to a new level.  Our company’s 3rd founding principle is to make a difference in the world, and our work with Samasource has enabled us to do that in a big, meaningful way.

Today in the office we are closing early to celebrate the life of our amazing friend Todd who tragically left us last week at just 40 years old.   He would have been thrilled; this is the kind of thing he lived for – it is touching and appropriate that we received this notification today.

We’ll tell you more about the award closer to the date of the actual awards ceremony.

Here is a short video that shows the history of our work with Samasource in Haiti, the reason we have received this award today:

Jason Atkins CEO 360incentivesJason Atkins is the Founder/CEO of 360Incentives.com and plays himself in our corporate video.  Connect with Jason on Twitter @jayatkins or Google +.