Our Well In Rwanda Is Now Functioning!

It is easy to get cynical these days when you see a company say things like “we are excited to announce” but you need to believe that we are absolutely thrilled to report that the well project we have funded in Rwanda is now up and running.

Back in December 2010,  the team at 360 Incentives decided that it was very important to us to live our company’s founding principles, once of which is ‘To Make A Difference In The World’ and we chose the awesome organization charity: water to help us with this mission.  So we made our contribution and waited excitedly on the construction of the project.   Finally, this morning a package was waiting for us with detailed reporting of the heart-warming results of the work of our team and our clients.

If you would like to check out  the actual site of the project, click on the image below and play with the Google satellite view for yourself.



Naturally, while reviewing these materials at this morning’s team huddle we were absolutely over the moon to read the results of our contribution, but this photo really pushed it over the top for us:

360 x Charity Water Well In Rwanda
Consider this a challenge, or a call out or even just a suggestion to our friends, family and colleagues: if you are looking to make a donation that can have a massive impact on your fellow humans, Charity Water is as legitimate and hard-working of an organization as I have ever had the privilege of working with.   Think how many people you can make happy and, hey: you get to feel as good as our whole team does right now.  549 people now have clean, safe water thanks to our work here and it feels awesome.

Jason Atkins CEO 360 IncentivesJason is the Founder/CEO of 360Incentives.com    Connect with Jason on Twitter @jayatkins or Google +.