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David Maw 360insights
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David Maw

SVP Engineering & Technology

As VP of Engineering, David employs his leadership to assemble a team of capable, intelligent individuals to share a common vision and work as a team on a common strategy. He leverages his ability to build mental models of future state for his team and secures buy-in to an aligned strategy, understanding that this is more powerful than instructing. His understanding that intelligent people don’t want to be told what to do, instead have the need to understand what is to be accomplished, and that a leader is only as good as their team, guides David to building successful and collaborative technology organizations.

Before 360insights, David led engineering at Alchemy Systems, and technology at K2 Digital. In a past role he guided a mutual fund company through building a unique tool assisting investors with their portfolios based on desired lifestyle in retirement, factoring in a multitude of lifestyle variables, in order to calculate financial needs throughout the balance of retirement.

David holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Western Ontario.

David is a married father of two who grew up all over Ontario. He currently resides in Toronto. In his free time, he enjoys philanthropical activity as it pertains to SickKids Hospital in Toronto, through fundraising and financial donations, study participation as well as volunteering his time.

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