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Derek Panchyshyn 360insights
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Derek Panchyshyn

Senior Vice President of Operations

Derek brings 25+ years of experience advising and executing business strategy, operations and efficiency of global I/T manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, order management, customer service, distribution and logistics for customers in various markets.

Prior to 360, Derek led Operations and Supply Chain at ATX Networks and held numerous progressive positions to Vice President of Global Customer Business Units at Celestica, having begun his career with IBM Canada. Derek successfully navigated the ‘tech wreck’ of Y2K driving client transitions of operations from North America-centric to Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. These were great learning opportunities to work with talented people around the world out of necessity while growing and optimizing global client businesses.

Derek holds a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario.

Derek lives in Durham Region with his wife, three daughters and dog. His side hustle outside of 360 through the summer is to be pool boy to his daughters’ backyard swimming lessons business.

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