The Easiest Loyalty Programs: Honesty and Integrity

A couple years ago I took my bike into my bike shop, which is a bike shop in Southern California by the name of Edge.  And I said to the owner of the shop, Hank, an awful lot of my friends are telling me that I ought to get racing wheels.  And I’m a competitor in the triathlon sport and hadn’t had racing wheels yet.  It’s a pretty hefty investment, a couple thousand dollars for the wheels.  And Hank asked me well what am I averaging miles per hour on the bike, and I mentioned something like 15 miles an hour.  And he said you know what until you get to about 18 to 20 miles an hour, quite frankly I think that that’s a poor return on investment.

Now this is a sale for Edge at $2,000.00 or higher, and the owner of the shop is saying not right now Jack.  Let me show you something else that’s a lot cheaper that will get you some speed on your bike, and maybe down the road you can consider racing wheels.  Now this is two years later that I’m in front of you.  I have my racing wheels, but I have to tell you there are lots of bike shops that are running specials, that are cheaper than Edge in a lot of different ways I’m gonna guess, but I wouldn’t even know, because I wouldn’t even begin to think of going anywhere else other than to Hank who has gained my trust measurably more than anywhere else that I could think of going.

Now as an owner of a business or as a sales person, that’s the level of trust that we want to garner from our customers.  And I couldn’t endorse a book better than Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni to really describe to you what it is that I felt as a customer doing business with Edge.

And if you could get your business to operate in a similar way whether you’re a sales person or an owner of your business, I think you’ve got a long-lasting competitive edge.  Give it a shot.

  – Jack

 p.s. The 360 Insights team has put together a great whitepaper based on their research called “The 6 Reasons Why Front Line Sales People Sell.” It is full of great insights from the world of sales!

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