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It’s about Time Digital Transformation Reached the World of Consumer Rebates

  • March 14, 2017

The concept of digital transformation gets thrown around a lot by tech pundits and marketing teams. Though there are many ways to define it – fundamentally, it is a way to make the world more intuitive. Our world has become so entrenched in digital tasks that the demand for consumer and business tools to transform from paper based to digital, has increased immensely.

Although digital transformation is not a new term to CMOs and other business leaders, the speed at which it is accelerating is unprecedented, which makes it imperative to harness for your business. With over 65 percent of the appliance vertical in 2016 switching to online rebate submission, it’s a market too large for any business to ignore.

Digital Transformation and Rebates

Over the past few years the functionality of rebate management tools has improved enormously. From paper based claim submissions to the introduction of digitized claim analysis, modern rebate tools have enabled brands to manage information, and channel relationships in a fast, efficient, and profitable manner.

The problem, however, arises in a channel management context, when the world is evolving digitally, and sales partners in the channel are pressuring brands to stick with paper records.

This digital disparity, and sticking with paper based functions can be detrimental, and force businesses to lose out on customer satisfaction and ultimately a larger ROI.

What Digital Transformation Can do for You

The shift to digital data management across the sales channel, has tremendous benefits from a rebates standpoint.  Digital integration can assist your brand in multiple ways inevitably building brand preference and generating a larger ROI.

Here are 5 ways integrating digital into your rebate management program can benefit your organization:

  • Replace Manual Data Collection:  Imagine, instead of waiting months to gather sales data, organize information into reports, collect rebate information and compare details, your brand can have unparalleled rebate software do the work in minutes per claim. Not only is the time of your staff conserved but your customer satisfaction will increase when they receive their rebate quicker.
  • Automated Approval Process:  Shifting from manual claim inspection to an automated digital approval process can obstruct fraud. A digital process ensures sales channel reports from the channel match up with rebate claims submitted by consumers, approving claims that match and providing your team with claims that are inconsistent.
  • Generate Quality Service: 56% of businesses assess the impact of digital in relation to customer experience[i].
    A digital management tool will allow your brand to process rebate claims quickly and make payouts electronically, improving customer experience and gaining insights into consumer preference.
  • Provide Easy and Accessible Claim Submission: In the United States alone 70% of adults use smartphones[i].
    We live in a deeply connected world where people prefer to view and file their claims through multiple technological devices. Providing digital makes it easier for the consumer to access their rebate while also shortening the time it takes for them to file the rebate and get paid.
  • Maximize Sales: A modern rebate management tool allows you to tweak rebate program strategies based on sales data in real time to ensure you are driving the highest volume possible from each program. Creating these rational changes based on sales data saves you time and money.

Brands have long dealt with limited tools when it comes to channel interactions. It’s time to make the most out of your rebate initiative. Don’t let traditional processes hold you back – a channel success platform is set to become an essential part of your marketing technology stack.  

[i] Accenture Digital. Digital Transformation in the Age of the Consumer. Rep. N.p.: Forrester, 2015. Print.

[i] Accenture Digital. Digital Transformation in the Age of the Consumer. Rep. N.p.: Forrester, 2015. Print.

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