Education Unlocks Sales Channel Success

  • June 19, 2017

In an industry study, over 85% of sales associates believed that during the sales process they could move a consumer “very easily” from one brand, to another. It was reported that if a sales associate felt more comfortable delivering a value proposition on Brand A, then Brand A would outsell Brand B every time. This is where education comes into play.

In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, it is a massive advantage for sales associates to feel comfortable with your brand or product. Feeling comfortable with a brand or product influences associates on what they suggest, because consumers trust and buy from a sales associate who can provide useful information with confidence.

So, how can you ensure your sales channel is confident and comfortable with your brand or product, ultimately leading toward more sales and an increase in revenue?

Knowledge is Power

Educating the sales channel is a critical element of your incentive program that can make your sales associates feel more comfortable and more confident with your product. It’s been proven that education sets your product apart from the range of brands on the market, especially if knowledge is being fed consistently to the associate by your brand.

Education enables the sales team to speak with more confidence and ultimately become advocates of your brand. Knowing more information on a product allows sales associates to answer questions and concerns from customers with ease. It re-assures the associates that the product they are suggesting is worth suggesting, and if they sell that product, the customer will walk away with an amazing experience and come back.

Education as a tactic additionally provides the benefits of fostering stronger communication that builds powerful relationships between sales associate and brand. Sales associates on the front line are the first to hear questions, comments and concerns from the general public, so they know how your product is being received.  Utilizing your education portal in a more advanced way, by integrating things like surveys and polls  – in addition to educational pieces –  is a great way to increase channel engagement. You can gain a huge competitive advantage by having consumer insight, especially if you make it specific to a region or territory.

The Gamification of Education

It is evident that educating the channel is important to your brands success. What’s even more vital, however, is the way in which you provide your channel with brand or product information. There are numerous ways, but what is the most effective method to educate your channel?

The most powerful method is breaking your branding and product knowledge messages into smaller segments and have them run on an online platform. This allows you to consistently and effectively engage your channel.

Sales associates are logging onto company run sites, such as a sales incentive portal, on a consistent basis. This is an optimal time to feature the latest products and advancements in a completely targeted and, most importantly, brief manner. Well-planned sales channel messaging makes for a deliberate progression in brand advocacy every time they visit your portal.

Providing smaller segments of information, sales associates become experts on your brand because they are consistently exposed to it. This form of engagement and education can ensure that your brand always stays top of mind on the sales floor, leading to higher sales and maximizing revenue.

Driving Results With Education

Education eliminates barriers. It allows sales associates to feel more comfortable with your brand and more confident; qualities you want in someone selling your product.  It’s time to differentiate your product from the rest, and communicate with your channel so you can start building brand advocates and maximizing revenue.

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