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Maximizing Consumer Experience With Rebates

  • September 19, 2017

Today’s consumers can be your most vocal advocates – or detractors. It all depends on how you choose to have them interact with your brand. How you send their payment, how you speak with them, how you design your program, these are all components that affect the consumer experience with your brand. Your rebate shouldn’t be the last touch point with the consumer but the first of many to come.

A positive brand experience – through rebate redemption – will always benefit your brand, in more ways than one. Here are our 5 best practices, to enhance your consumer experiences and make the most out of your rebate program.

Give the consumer choice

In a generation where people have access to an abundance of resources and services, your brand should be providing consumers with an array of options throughout the entire rebate process. 

Your brand should be giving the consumer options of payment and submission, with responsive designs that allow for a great experience not just on desktop but also mobile and tablet. Offering digital submission of rebate information, makes the process more simple, quick, and most importantly it makes the customer happy.

Tailor the promotion to unique local needs

In an industry led study, 65% of consumers said they’d prefer to receive a rebate payment in any other form than a mailed in check, and 53% said they prefer a form of digital payment rather than a physical card.

Using analytics from past payment preferences, or taking real-time polls can help you make effective decisions in the future and in real-time. The more insight you gain from your consumers, you learn about a specific market in terms of which rebate programs work. Allowing you to further adapt to meet the needs of local consumers.

Your brand should be rewarding the behaviour you want with payment methods your claimants prefer. This means providing multiple, customized reward options with flexibility, e.g. prepaid reward cards, online credit, branded merchandise, cash, and so on.

Make the fulfillment quick

Your claimants want their reward as soon as possible, not in a month, and not in two months.

Ensure quick and accurate redemption, with minimal management or administrative effort by going digital. Mail-in checks have been a tactic used in the past, making the rebate experience take up to 6-8 weeks. That’s not good enough anymore. With an automated incentive program, and digital payments leading brands are able to complete the experience within two weeks. It’s absolutely possible.

Ensure the brand is prominent throughout the consumer experience

It’s powerful when a claimant is reminded of the brand that’s incentivizing them at the time of redemption. Your brand should always be top of mind, especially when they are redeeming a reward.

Make each touchpoint – consumer promotion site and rewards cards – an extension of the brand. Rebates are very often an afterthought in the overall marketing mix, but they can be a very effective vehicle for solid and memorable brand messaging.

Make product registration part of the consumer experience

Relieve your channel marketing leader from the burden of the administrative workload so they can focus their time and resources on more important tasks. Offer one-click product registration. Higher rates of product registration help attain regulatory standards for recalls. This eliminates any paper-based administration and provides detailed tracking on which products are being sold, to whom, and where.

In addition to the administrative relief, having the insight into consumers also helps with marketing your brand, and gearing your product towards the people purchasing it. Enhancing customer experience and increasing sales.

Enhancing the Consumer Experience with Rebates

Enhancing customer experience is the key to program success. The more valued your consumers feel the more likely they are to purchase from you again, increasing your revenue and your reputation. Loyal consumers are the reason your brand succeeds, so it’s time to thank them and invest in great consumer experience.

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