Here’s How You Should Thank Your Channel

  • July 04, 2017

It’s no secret your sales channel does a lot for your brand. From suggesting your products to building meaningful relationships with repeat buyers. Your sales channel inevitably has the power to dictate how well your product does on the sales floor.

Showing appreciation to your channel through grand gestures then, is not just a courtesy, but a carefully curated marketing tactic. Because the more you do for them, the more they’ll do for you.

In order to appease your channel and increase mindshare on the retail floor: here are four ways to express gratitude to your sales associates through your channel marketing efforts:

  1. Answer Phone Calls

Often-times, the sales associates visibility into the status of their claim is a make or break feature into whether-or-not they want to engage with a brand’s sales incentives. This makes answering phone calls from sales associates a critical tactic to propel their services.

By not answering phone calls or by providing substandard service, you alienate your sales associates, pushing them towards other brands whose programs they feel more comfortable with.

Sales associates want their calls to be answered, to be understood and recognized. They’re helping your brand sell, the least your brand could do is help them when they are at their most vulnerable, and make sure they receive an experience that will make them want to suggest your brand again.

  1. Pay Quickly

Paying out quickly is a common theme through-out our sales incentive blog posts, and that’s because it is one of the most important tactics to ensure your sales associates reap your desired behavior.

Leaders in the incentive world, pay their claimants in less than 2 weeks.

Sales incentives aren’t just a competition to sales associates but a source of income that some rely on. If you are planning on paying out sales incentives anyway, then you might as well make them happy in the process and pay them out fast. Look-into how fast you can reward your channels for holding up their end of the deal, and watch engagement skyrocket, time after time.

  1. Pay Often

Leaders in the incentive world pay out their sales channel more than once a week. Imagine, having payday more than once a week. Sales associate love it.

Paying often means that you are rewarding your sales associates more frequently. If a sales associate won’t receive their reward for another two weeks they might forget why they’re receiving it. Instead of waiting, incent the behavior you want.

  1. Provide Recognition

Internal recognition for positive performance also changes sales behavior. Although money is generally the driving factor behind selling a product. Showing sales associates that you appreciate their work with praise and other non-monetary forms of recognition can sometimes be more powerful.

If you are in charge of trade marketing or any sort of regional sales management-type of role, you already know who your top people are in each store. Making a game of that recognition (in the form of an online leader board, for example), is an effective way to make sure that everyone stays sharp. The underperforming associates want to be on top, and the top associates want to stay on top.   Have some fun with these competitive instincts and then make sure you recognize the top people in a way that is visible to everyone.

By implementing these tactics you can ensure your sales associates are feeling appreciated, and have a positive experience with your brand.

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