Hyper Personalization is no longer for B2C or B2B – It’s a B2E Imperative

  • September 24, 2020

By Steven Kellam

The lines of communication, connection and engagement from businesses to their core audience, whether consumers or enterprises, are being blurred more than ever before. So, why are we still concerned about separating the B2B and B2C ecosystems? Instead, brands large and small, across all verticals should adopt the new Business-to-Everyone (B2E) imperative with hyper-personalization as a focus. Everyone is a consumer, a key audience member, a buyer and an influencer. In today’s Digital Age, no one can be left behind when it comes to engagement – EVERYONE is important.

But, how do you effectively reach an audience of everyone? It seems complex and challenging, but it’s actually very simple and intuitive – hyper-personalization is the answer. Channel partners respond to and expect the same personalized experiences they’ve grown to expect in their consumer journeys in their personal lives. Generic, one-size-fits-all sales enablement, including channel marketing, sales incentives and training, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Business IS getting personal and brands and channel leaders must find a way to leverage their consumer and partner data and use the right tools to ensure engagement and enablement campaigns are successful.

During a recent ChannelEdge Podcast, Steven Kellam of 360insights interviewed Partner Management guru and Sales Transformation Specialist, Kristine Stewart, to discuss the ins and outs of delivering a hyper-personalized customer experience that satisfies the new B2E imperative. Stewart points out that hyper-personalization requires mix of modern channel tactics and new technologies. Aligning sales and marketing, breaking down silos, encouraging partner ecosystem interaction, and of course, virtualizing everything, are all part of providing a deeply personal, deeply engaging and deeply gratifying customer experience.

However, in a B2E world, hyper-personalization, sales alignment, interacting ecosystems and virtualization cannot happen unless channel leaders leverage automation and analytics tools. That kind of channel insight required to create more personalized customer experiences can only be possible with an automated platform, which allows you to combine data from across your network into a comprehensive, intuitive dashboard. By compiling channel data into a single source of truth, organizations can produce the right customer personas, map those customer journeys and deliver the right message to the right person at exactly the right moment. This seamless engagement loop also allows channel leaders to better understand which communication, marketing and incentive programs are working – targeting spending and ensuring budgets are going where they’ll make the most difference.

In a B2E world, every partner, vendor, reseller and customer is an individual that has specific needs and expectations for products and services they choose to buy and brands they choose to work with. Hyper-personalization, made possible by today’s leading enablement tools and technology will ensure more meaningful interactions, greater brand loyalty and growth.

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