Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage

The State of Channel KPI Usage: Channel Pulse Exclusive In this quarter’s Channel Pulse, we decided to take a closer look at the state of channel KPI usage and channel transformation across all verticals.  If you want to understand what drives an individual or organization to perform better, always look first at the measures of

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

What happens to channel incentive spending when the economy changes? 360insights‘ exclusive report on the latest channel trends, Channel Pulse, gave us some insight into this. One of the questions we asked in Channel Pulse was what senior channel professionals were planning for 2019. The majority told us nothing would change. Normally there wouldn’t be

re-thinking mdf

Re-thinking MDF

In an article titled “Is It Time to Re-Think MDF?” author, Alicia Fiorletta, cited recent research revealing: 15% of vendors say more than 25% of funds go unused; 18% of vendors say 15% to 20% goes unused; and 40% of vendors say 1% to 14% goes unused. Most telling of all, however, is the finding

co-op ad arbitration

CO-OP Ad Arbitration

CO-OP Ad arbitration is important to healthy channel relationships Co-op ad arbitration is an interesting topic that generally no one wants to talk about. Most companies work hard on their co-op guidelines to avoid disputes. Some companies have a strict no arbitration policy.  After managing many different co-op ad programs, we see the value of

co-op and mdf expiration

Should CO-OP and MDF Funds Expire?

Should Co-Op and MDF funds expire? Why is such a simple question so hard to answer? Expiring Co-Op and MDF  can benefit partners From a partner perspective they’ll see Co-Op and MDF as something they earned or as a program entitlement. From either perspective it will be difficult to convince them expiring funds is in their