coop advertising best practices

COOP Advertising Best Practices

COOP Advertising Best Practices New media, ROI pressures and heightened customer demands have helped drive the transformation of today’s COOP Advertising programs. The case for COOP Advertising Many companies encourage their agents, brokers, dealers, franchisees and other distribution partners to promote their products and services with generous local marketing allowances. Ironically, these programs built around

mdf and co-op

Why do MDF and CO-OP go unused?

Why do MDF and CO-OP go unused? Offering MDF and CO-OP funds is a proven method to stimulate market demand through channel partners. However, a recent industry study by PartnerPath indicated that over 25% of MDF and CO-OP funds are going unused each year. This begs the question why would channel partners not use “free

MDF versus Co-Op

MDF versus CO-OP – Which is better?

MDF versus CO-OP – Which is better? MDF and CO-OP programs are a staple for large brands selling through distribution channels. According to a recent industry report from Gleanster: 83% of brand marketers believe MDF and CO-OP programs have an impact 86% of leading brands report they have made fundamental changes to their co-op and