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Do SPIFFs Work? How Do I Calculate SPIF ROI?

“Do sales SPIFFs still work?”  “Do sales SPIFs actually work?”  These are common versions of the same question that have popped up for us in dozens of conversations since day one at 360insights.  It’s a perfectly sound question really; sales SPIFs are an incentive tactic nearly as old as sales itself, so while one might

retail transformation

Retail Transformation Driving an Incentive Evolution

Retail Transformation Driving an Incentive Evolution Retail transformation is necessary to adapt to continuing changes to consumer behaviors. When we think about changes in retail, we tend to think Amazon or Internet retailing. These however are just the latest disruptions. Looking back over the last century retail has been in a constant state of disruption

Incentive Marketing

Incentive Marketing: Gain an Edge For Incentive Programs

Make Incentive Marketing Top-of-Mind Today’s retail incentive promotions routinely involves a push (channel incentive) and pull (consumer rebate) strategy.  The marketing approach and investment seems to be carefully planned and executed with compelling multi-touch point content for customers.  Yet, incentive marketing isn’t always top-of-mind.  As retail promotions grow in complexity, so should your channel incentive

channel incentive breakage

Incentive Breakage: Good or Bad?

What is Channel Incentive Breakage? You’ve probably heard the term “breakage” before, but what does it mean in the world of incentives and how does it impact the overall design and effectiveness of your incentive programs? Is channel incentive breakage a good thing or does it create false practices that ultimately diminishes your brand and

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

Channel Incentive Spending Trends 2019

What happens to channel incentive spending when the economy changes? 360insights‘ exclusive report on the latest channel trends, Channel Pulse, gave us some insight into this. One of the questions we asked in Channel Pulse was what senior channel professionals were planning for 2019. The majority told us nothing would change. Normally there wouldn’t be

SPIF program

SPIF Program Best Practices – 8 Steps to Success

SPIF programs (Sales Performance Incentive Funds) are a great way to ignite a sales organization and achieve a goal. They can also present many challenges from administration, funding, entitlement through measuring ROI. Executing effective SPIF programs requires planning to overcome these challenges. Some challenges can be headed off with program design while others need to