Channel Marketing & Marketing Channels CES 2013 Day 2

By: Jason King and Sarah Abbott

Day 2 was an incredibly packed day at the show: jammed with people and jammed with happenings.  Nonetheless, we were able to have some great conversations about marketing both to channel partners and to consumers.  In this case, our interviewees were both from agencies and working in their clients’ booths at CES.

The conversation about using Internet and technology for marketing kept coming back to two things: really understanding your brand’s voice (NOTE: Our friend Jacquie Severs wrote an excellent post on this which you can find HERE) and analytics.   Lindsey Groepper, the president of BLAST Media, is an enthusiastic measurer of the results of her company’s social campaigns for Eton Corporation. Lindsey provides a super simple approach in the video below to help marketers know if social is working for them.

In light of all this discussion of social media, my fellow 360 team member Sarah was inspired to share her enthusiasm for the medium and its ‘always on’ capacity for offering client service excellence with the below example.  Here’s Sarah:

The Real Power Of Social Media

It’s 2013 and most companies have taken to social media as a low-cost way to market their businesses.   Very clever, but it is important to remember the true value of these tools: reaching your customers in a personal and meaningful way.   A good exercise is to completely stop (even if only for a little while!) using social to push out your messages and instead focus on getting some real feedback from your customers.  It is like a your company has built a 24 hour call centre to receive customer feedback; good, bad and ugly as it may be.

While some companies have shunned social campaigns on the basis that they would prefer not to have negative feedback on public-facing Internet properties, I would urge them to use the negative feedback as a way to demonstrate that they care about delivering amazing service to their customers.

Here at 360, we make it a priority to make our clients and customers HAPPY. Happiness is number one at all times, and the easiest way to do that is to make yourself available and approachable at all times. That’s just the key to great customer service and loyalty.   Recently we had a complaint come in on our company Facebook page that was outside of our regular hours.  Due to the use of the Facebook medium, we received a notification of the complaint and were able to help the person with their issue in real and record time.

In this age of extreme connectivity, social media has the power to either make or break your business and reputation; the trick is to know the importance of social tools and how to use them.

Sarah Abbot 360 IncentivesSarah is a Client Happiness Builder at and processes spiffs and STAs like nobody’s business.  Connect with Sarah on Twitter at @sarahbrittany


Jason King 360IncentivesJason is the Content and Community guy at and was in Vegas for CES for a record-breaking week.   Connect with Jason on Twitter  @JayKing71  or  Google+