Your Loyalty Programs Are Working: Now What?

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?   Whether you work in consumer or channel marketing what feels better than having a campaign reach or exceed its goals?  When you think about all the energy that goes into planning a campaign – all the communication, engaging of partners, creation and distribution of collateral it is incredibly rewarding to make your numbers.

Depending on what business you’re in, this is a great time to look at how get even greater return on your next campaign.    So take a quick breath, congratulate yourself on the win and let’s make your next campaign keep paying you for longer.


Traditionally, all you had to worry about was the fiscal quarter that you were planning for, but with the digital capacity available to you right now it is really not difficult to lay the groundwork for some legacy sales while you’re at it.   Just add these four steps to your next rebate campaign:
* These steps assume that you have already digitized at least some elements of your campaign, most preferentially the redemption process.

1. Get Permission

Having a customer opt-in to receive email from your brand is marketing gold but never lose sight of the fact that you must offer value to them in exchange for that spot in their inbox.   Get crystal clear on how you can add value to that customer’s world on an ongoing basis: can you offer content that enhances their experience with the product that they bought from you?   Can you offer them content that is selfless – meaning you don’t talk about your product at all, but have found some common ground with them that enables you to create content worth reading?

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2. Review Integration

If the consumer is making their rebate claim online and they bought the product from a physical location of one of your retail partners, why not integrate the ability to leave a positive review on Yelp/Google, etc. right into the process? They are feeling good, they are receiving money/rewards in the form of your rebate – let that goodness spill over into a positive review for your retailer.   You add value for your channels and both you and your partners can keep checking the temperature to see how you are doing with end users, right on the front lines.

3. Customer Experience

This time we are talking about your product.   In fact, this is all about the product and the old cliché in consumer goods about how things break down the day that the warranty expires.   Building touch points to monitor the customer’s experience during the warranty period and just prior to the expiration shows the customer that your brand was not looking to have a simple one-transaction experience with them and that you actually care about ensuring that your product still suits their needs as much as it did on the day of purchase.

Build An Online Community4. Create A Community And Grow Your Reach

Your rebate process could have as many as 6 touch points with the consumer. Perhaps you’d like them to opt into your email campaign, follow you on Twitter or like your brand on Facebook?  Social media are powerful tools for marketers and communicators, but as with step 1, remember that it’s how you use the tools that makes the difference.

Engagement is such a buzzword in marketing that there are times when it seems nearly devoid of meaning, so let’s narrow it down to the context of what your goals are in taking the above steps.   Customers who feel cared for by a brand and who have a positive experience with that brand that goes beyond the point of sale are much more likely to advocate for that brand and choose it for future purchases.  As the world of consumer choice seems to become more and more without limit, brands who play engage with genuine care are going to win.


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