Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Incentive Vendor

Improving a rebate or sales incentive program can be difficult when you don’t know the right questions to ask your vendor.

Your rebate or sales incentive program should be achieving it’s full potential, in that it offers a great user experience, and it optimizes your promotional spend. 

Raising the right questions can explore your current vendors offerings and help determine if they are providing all the necessary tools for a successful rebate or sales incentive program.

Here are six critical questions, your brand should be asking your sales or rebate incentive vendor in order to ensure your programs are reaching their full potential:

  1.     Can the redemption process be fully customizable with our brand’s look and feel?

An incentive portal that doesn’t follow the look and feel of your e-commerce platform or your brand in general, can really hinder your program. The redemption process should reflect your values and brand design, because rewarding your claimants isn’t as effective if they aren’t reminded at the end who is paying them out.

In addition, if the redemption process isn’t branded, it can confuse channel partners and customers when they are sent to off-branded websites or sent off-branded paper mail.

  1.     Is the redemption process intuitive?

When submitting a claim the process should be simple and intuitive, providing clear steps for form fill out. The claimant should be required to fill out only what they are willing or knowledgeable to fill out, and should be corrected in real-time if they are entering incorrect information.

  1.     Can associates and customers check their claim status in real-time?

For a sales associate, knowing if their claim is on hold, processing, approved or declined gives them peace of mind. A vendor should be providing options for real-time claim status updates that will keep claimants informed and happy every step of the way.

  1.     Can expedited delivery options be offered to our claimants?

Through our industry led research, it was revealed that with a rebate of $200 or more, at least 93% of consumers are willing to forfeit a nominal service fee if it meant expediting one of the larger claims.

Expedited delivery options enhance the customer and channel experience, generating a positive and lasting impression with your brand.

  1.     Do you offer the option of various payment methods?

If you are planning on paying out sales incentives anyway, then you might as well make associate’s happy in the process. Pay them out faster and use whatever method they prefer, whether it be PayPal, direct deposit, or a credit card branded with your logo. Look into how fast you can reward your channels for holding up their end of the deal and watch engagement skyrocket, time after time.

Paying out customers works in the same capacity. Pay them out with their preferred method to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

  1.     Can I gather feedback from the sales incentive process?

The point of contact where sales associates or a customer redeems an incentive is a great opportunity to garner constructive feedback and produce data.

In the case of sales incentives, your sales channel knows first hand how well your product is being received on the sales floor, so why not, leverage your position as a brand to gather customer and channel feedback, that can help make better decisions for the future of your program.

Using tools like surveys and polls integrated into the sales incentive and rebate portals can make collecting feedback that much easier. Providing you with insight that can enhance your program for the future .


Improving your incentive program can be difficult when you don’t know the right questions to ask your vendor. With these six probing questions you can ensure your vendor is providing you with the best service possible to maximize your incentive program experience and revenue.